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Choose module Email to see a copy of your mailbox, here you can reply to your emails or even create task related to an email.

On the left you will see all of your mailbox folders:

Ceating emails

In module Email you can create emails:

When writing the recipient's e-mail address, the system automatically fills in the addressee.
Specify the subject in the message, attach files, and if you want to specify CC and BCC recipients, select the plus icon next to the recipient field:

If you select the Save button at the top of the created letter, the letter will be saved as a draft. To return to the main email window, click  Mail button:

E-mail forwarding

To forward the letter, select the Forward button and in the e-mail forwarding form you will see the original representation of the letter and the attached files:

E-mail assignment and creating related records


You can assign the email to a contact, lead, project, or opportunity.

From an e-mail you can create a task, lead, or opportunity: when creating a task, the content of the letter will be transfered to the task description, when creating a potential client - the name and email and when creating an opportunity - system will automatically assign a contact.

The system assigns emails to clients, based on the following data:

  • Contact's main e-mail adress;
  • Contsct's e-mail adresses of contact persons;
  • Potential client's main e-mail adress;
  • Potential client's e-mail adresses of contact persons;
  • Contact e-mail domain.

To find the letter needed, use the search box above the letters:

To use the detailed search, select the arrow icon and the system will display more options:

Other functions

Click Select button to get more selecting options:
  • Selection (you can select e-mails by clicking the CTRL key on the keyboard and selecting the desired e-mails with the mouse cursor);
  • All;
  • Current page;
  • Unread;
  • Flagged;
  • Invert;
  • None.


By selecting the Settings button, you can set how you want the emails to be filtered and displayed in the general list of emails:

To check e-mail as unread, click the dot icon near the e-mail subject:

And e-mail will appear as unread:

Attached files can be:
  • Opened (file will be opened in a new window, where you can preview, print or see file properties)
  • Downloaded
  • Renamed


By double-clicking on an email, the system will display only the selected email on the screen:

To return to main list, click Mail:

To enable email synchronization with Hanna CRM, follow this article.

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