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Module Leads empowers to manage your potential customers and increases possibility to achieve successful sale.

Leads list

Choose Leads to see your potential customers list:

To find a specific customer, use Search. To narrow down your list, select filters.

Creating new lead

To create new potential customer, go to the list and choose New Lead;
Insert details:

Press Save.

Reviewing lead

To review lead, press on the company:

You will see lead profile:

Leads QR code

To create a lead contact on your phone, hover your mouse over the QR code icon:

The QR code will appear on the screen. Scan it and potential customer contacts will be automatically created on your phone:

Creating related entries

In Lead profile, you can access:

  •          Contacts;
  •          Opportunities;
  •          Pre invoices;
  •          Tasks;
  •          Attachments;
  •          Reminders;
  •          Notes;
  •          Emails.

In order to create related entry, choose, for example,  Tasks and select New Task:

Describe task and save it.

Created task will be available both in lead profile and in Tasks module.

Creating mass task from leads list

From leads list you can create a mass task. Mark leads for which you would like to create a task and press button Actions:

Select New mass task:

Describe task and save it. Identical task will be created related to each marked lead.


In order to edit lead, choose review and click Actions > Edit:

Converting lead to customer and assigning to contact

Leads can be Converted to customer or Assigned to contact.

Select Convert to customer if you want to create customer from lead. New client profile will be created in module Customers and potential customer will automatically have lead status Client.If you edit lead status to Client, you will also see an option to convert lead to contact.

If you select Assign to contact, you will be able to choose from already existing customers to which lead has to be assigned. One customer can have several assigned leads. Lead status will also become Client

Press this button in customers profile in order to see its lead or leads history:


In order to delete lead, use  Actions menu:

To delete lead, also go to review and click button Actions:


Leads can be analysed using Kanban. Select Switch to Kanban:

Entries are interactive, they can be opened or dragged to a different status.

Set which statuses to show in the Kanban by using Setup> Leads> Statuses:

Automatic task when lead status is changed

System can create an automatic task when lead status is changed. First of all, create task templates. Then go to Setup > Leads > Statuses and indicate which task from task templates list has to be created when lead status is changed:

Leads import

To import leads to Hanna CRM, press this button in leads list:

Select a file (xls, xlsx, scv) - make sure that the first line in your file are titles and below - data without any spaces. Map the fields and press Import. 
If you want the system to create duplicates by specifying which information is duplicated, select the Create duplicate entries with info description. The system checks for duplicates according to the company code, e-mail. mail and phone number.

Map of leads

In the Hanna CRM system, the Leads module allows you to see a map of leads. To see the customer's location, click on Map button in the list of leads.

Leads are displayed on the map based on the addresses entered in their profiles.

Lead status and Source settings are available here.

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