Leads module settings

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System setup helps you adjust program to your needs.  Choose Setup > Leads to edit leads module settings


Field Source helps to identify where the lead came from:

Choose Setup -> Leads -> Sources -> New source to add more values.

To modify or delete value, use Actions menu:


Indicate Status when entering new lead:

To add more Lead Status values, select Setup -> Leads -> Statuses -> New lead status. Delete or adjust Status values by using Actions menu:

While creating a new status, you can refer a  Task template, which will help you automatically create a task for a lead after it's status is changed.

To edit or delete created statuses use Actions:

Email integration

Choose Setup -> Leads -> Email integration - adding an email box allows the system to automatically create new leads directly from emails – all emails that go to that box will be scanned and leads will be created.

To add an email box click New email box, fill the fields and do not forget to check Active and Only check non opened emails:

You can choose to automatically create and assign an Opportunity after the new lead is created:

You can specify a role to which assigned managers will be automatically marked as responsible persons for new leads on a rotating basis:

You can manage these settings in your profile too:

Creating a lead from e-mail content

In Hanna CRM system, you can use functionality, which helps to create new leads straight from an email content. Choose Setup > Leads > Email integration > Template variables - create variables:

Created variables must match variables specified in an email:

New lead will be created according to the data specified in an email content:

Other settings

More settings for Leads module can be found in:  Setup -> Settings -> Leads. Settings allow you to:
  • Choose sorting and amount of leads visible in Kanban;
  • Specify defaut state and source;
  • Responsible person assignment automation;
  • Restrict lead editing after conversion to contact.

In order to enable automatic lead status change, select Setup > Settings > Leads and mark Lock lead status .

Lead status will change automatically to:

  • Has been contacted - if email synchronization or telephony is enabled and lead has been contacted by phone or email;
  • Offer submitted - if lead has assigned opportunity.

Leads reminders settings

Enable sending reminders for responsible users if lead stays too long in his status. 

First of all, create email template that has to be sent to lead responsible user. Select Setup > Email templates.
In  Leads section click  Create:

Fill in the information for email template and save. 
Then select Setup > Leads reminders settings > New record.

Indicate lead status and duration after how many hours, if lead stays in this status, email should be sent to lead's responsible person. Select email template and check  Is active.

Save settings.

A setting that allows you to automatically create and assign an Opportunity to a lead

When a lead is created in Hanna CRM, system can automatically create opportunity:

Enable this setting by selecting Setup > Settings > Leads:

Required field settings in the Lead form

In Hanna CRM, you can specify Lead Form mandatory field. To manage this setting choose  Setup > Settings > Leads:

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