Data import into the system

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In Hanna CRM system there is an option to import Contacts, Contact Persons, Leads, Invoice Items, Objects, Contracts, Opportunities, Invoice Items Photos and Object Files.

Required fields when importing data

  • Contacts: Company, Company code.
  • Contact Persons: Name, Email.
  • Leads: Lead status, Source, Name.
  • Invoice Items: Item title.
  • Objects: Title, Contact.
  • Contracts: Title, Contact.
  • Opportunities: Process, Status, Title, Related, Date, Planned value, Period, Currency.
  • Tasks: Name.

How to prepare a file for data import?

While prepareing an Excel file for data import, make sure that:

  • The first row of the file is the column headers;
  • Data is placed right below the header line, without any spaces;
  • Required field data is filled in the file;
  • There are no blank lines or inserted name lines between the data;
  • The data is in one Excel sheet and isn't divided into different sheets.

How to import data into Hanna CRM?


Click this button in the main window:


Select an import file and press Parse import files:


Associate the data in the file with the system fields and click Import:


Before importing contacts you can check an option Create duplicate entries with info description to create duplicate companies and be notified which information is duplicated (the system checks for duplicates according to the company code, email and telephone number).


When you check the option Update existing entries if info duplicate, in case of duplicate information, existing contacts will be updated (duplicates will not be created). You can update contact data according to the Contact ID and Company code fields.

After following these steps, you'll see the results of the data:

How to import invoice items and objects?

Imported invoice items photos must be named identically to the product codes that are in the system.

Imported object files must be named identically to the serial numbers of the objects that are in the system.

While importing files, select all the files you want to upload.

How to prepare file for Tasks import?

In import file, add columns Related to (module) and Related to:

  • Related to (module) - in this field specify the module name, which the Task is related to.
  • Related to - in this field specify the exact record ID or name, which task is related to. 

Link the fields and start import:

Imported Tasks will be linked to the records specified in the file:

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