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In the Hanna CRM system, you can apply pricing to contacts. There are several ways to do it.

Where to assign pricing to a contact?

You can assign pricing to a contact by clicking Sales > Pricing in Contact preview:

Percentage discount

This method applies if you and customer have agreed on a percentage discount on all goods. In this case, enter discount percentage in the Discounts field:

When preparing sales documents for this customer, all goods will be assigned a fixed discount:

Pricing by quantity of goods

This pricing applies if you and your customer have agreed on discounts for certain quantities of goods purchased.

In this case, click the New Pricing button:

Select the product and specify the quantity from - to, then indicate what price or discount should be applied to the product when purchasing the quantity of goods in this range:

When creating sales documents, system will assign the price or discount needed automatically.

Price level groups

This pricing method is most convenient if you group the prices of goods according to customer levels (for example, VIP customers get one price and Silver customers - another). In this case, you can assign prices to the goods according to these levels and indicate to which level your customer is assigned.

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