Invoice items

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Module Invoice items helps you keep items information and see their balance.

Invoice items list

To see invoice items list, use module  Invoice items:

To find invoice item, use Search:


Click Groups to create a group for items:

Enter group name and press New group:

Creating new item

Press New item:

Fill in the fields:

Enter item balance and critical balance in warehouse. When critical balance is reached, total balance will become red both in items list and in item profile. Moreover, warehouse assignee will receive system notification and email about reached critical balance.
If product consists of several other items, mark it as Product:

Press Save.
Choose to edit product and mark, which items belong to it. When adding an item, click blue tick:

The program will automatically count balance not only of the product, but also of the added items.

Reviewing an item

To review an item, choose group and then item – you will see detailed information and item’s balance:

Editing and deleting

To edit or delete invoice item, use Actions:

Also use button Actions when reviewing item:

Invoice items import

There is a possibility to import invoice items to Hanna CRM system from csv, xlsx, xls format files. Select module Invoice items and press import items:

Choose file and press Parse import file:

Map system fields with information in your file and press Import:

Invoice items photos import

To import several photos of invoice items, press this button and select Import items images:

Make sure that the file name is identical to the invoice item code in the system (if invoice item code is P123, photo name should be P123.jpg). Using this import, only one picture can be attached to invoice item. 

Price level groups

Invoice can have different price level groups.

First of all, create price level groups. Choose Setup > Module settings > Price level groups and click New value.
Enter name and press Save. To edit or remove value, use Actions menu.
You may also mark default value.

Then go to contact profile and select Sales > Pricing to indicate which price level group should be applied for that contact:

In the sales documents assigned to this contact (opportunities, pre invoices, invoices, credit notes), the price of the goods will be displayed according to the assigned price level group.

Item bundles

Create and use item bundles in the Hanna CRM system

Select Setup> Module picklist > Items bundles. Click New Value.

Enter a new value and Save.

Select the invoice item to edit below and assign the product to the set and specify:


When creating a sales opportunity, you can use sets of items to include several items at once - the items will fall into the option table in the following order:

To follow balance, you need to create warehouses. Check this article.

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