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Module Opportunities if for managing your potential sales.

Opportunities list

To see Opportunities list, select module  Opportunities:

To find a specific opportunity, use Search or filters:

Creating new opportunity

Go to the list, select New opportunity and fill in the details. Mandatory fields are marked *:

Select Save or Prepare proposal. If you selected prepare proposal, indicate Items that you would like to insert in proposal.

When you insert item, do not forget to press blue check mark.
Press Save.

Reviewing opportunity

To review opportunity, open opportunities list and press on Number or Title. 

Opportunity description will appear: 

To export opportunity to a PDF file, use this button:

Creating related entries

To create a related entry, select review, then choose entry type, for example, Tasks, and select New Task.

Describe task and press Save.
Task will appear both in opportunity card and in Tasks module.
To create a related task, also use this button:

Editing and deleting

Use Actions to edit opportunity:

Or edit and delete opportunity use :

Converting opportunity to invoice or pre invoice

Opportunity can be converted to invoice or pre invoice.

Select Actions > Convert Pre Invoice or Convert Invoice

Invoice will be shown in opportunity profile and in module Invoices.

Converting opportunity to purchase order

Opportunity can be converted to purchase order: 

Automatically a new window (or several windows if purchase order is meant for several suppliers) will open with a form of purchase order. Supplier value comes from Invoice item form.

Press Save - new purchase order entry will be created.

Converting opportunity to contract

Opportunity can be converted to contract:

Such details as title, contact and contract value will be automatically filled. Fill the rest of the information and save:

Emails log

If you send proposal from Hanna, you will see the original letter attached to an opportunity in Emails log:

The letter has an ID in it - if client replies to the letter, further communication will be shown in opportunity's emails log.


Analyse opportunities displayed in different stages by pressing  Kanban

Use marked button to narrow down information about the opportunities

Press on the opportunity to see its details. You can drag opportunity to a different stage.

Opportunities import

You can import opportunities to Opportunities module. Import is possible if using csv, xls, xlsx format files. In order to import opportunities, press this button:

Automatic task after changing opportunity status

After updating opportunity status, automatic task related to it can be created.

Select Setup > Tasks > Tasks templates and enter new task template that will be related to an opportunity:

Then select Setup > Opportunities settings > Stages. Indicate, which task from tasks templates list must create when opportunity is changed to this status:

When you change opportunity status, task will be created automatically.

Opportunity stages duration

The duration of the stage can be selected in days or hours.

Select Setup > Opportunities settings > Stages.


Select New status > Duration select the stage period:

Stage and Process settings are available here.

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