Opportunities module settings

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Find Opportunities settings in Setup -> Opportunities settings.


Indicate Process when creating opportunity:

To add new process, select Setup -> Opportunities settings -> Processes -> New value.

Enter details, click  Save.
Choose default value.

If you don't find a process to be useful, instead of deleting you can deactivate it - in this way you won't lose the history related to this record.

To edit or delete value, use Actions.


Opportunity Status is indicated when creating a new opportunity:

To add new stage, select Setup -> Opportunities settings -> Stages -> New stage.

You can assign a stage to a process. Specify stage name, probability, duration, color, number in list. You can also assign task template to a stage - in this way, when O pportunity stage is changed to this stage, a task related to this Opportunity will be created automatically. Click Save.

Choose default value.

Other settings

Setup -> Settings -> Finance -> Opportunities you will find more settings that allow to:

  • Create opportunity number prefix;
  • Set opportunities due day;
  • Set Kanban preview settings;
  • Set opportunities visibility for customers;
  • Set items depiction in documents.

Hanna CRM sistemoje galite naudotis  nauju nustatymu, leidžiančiu rakinti galimybių stadijas. Tuo atveju galimybių stadijos gali būti keičiamos automatiškai per galimybių valdymo automatizavimą. Nustatymą valdykite pasirinkę Sistemos nustatymai > Nustatymai > Finansai > Galimybės:

In Hanna CRM system you can use a new setting, which allows you to  Lock opportunity stages. In this case, Opportunities stages can be automatically changed in Opportunities automatisation settings. To use this setting, select Setup -> Settings -> Finance -> Opportunities:

Opportunities management process automation

In Hanna CRM system, you can automate Opportunities management process. With help of these settings, your process can look like this: A task is automatically created right after Opportunity is created > after the task is done, Opportunity's stage is automatically changed and next task is created automatically > proces is repeated until the last stage. Describe this process in Opportunities stages settings (Setup > Opportunities > Stages). Click edit and define what task template will be used after this stage is selected and what stage Opportunity will have after this task is completed.

Then choose another stage, enter the settings and define every stage needed for your process.

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