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Module  Freights is for managing freights and its transportation. Track freight statuses, expenses and income incurred.

Freights list

Select module Freights to see freights list:

To find a specific freight or group of freights, use search or filters:

Creating new freight

To create a freight, select module  Freights and click New freight.

Enter main information about the order:

Enter Freight information, Loading information and  Unloading information.

Provide details of Packages. Insert Income and Costs. Entered costs will automatically create  Expenses entry.

If you select different currency of income or costs, system will automatically convert it to euros according to selected exchange rate date.

Save freight information.

Freight review

To review freight, go to the freights list and click on the order number. You will see detailed freight information:

In freight profile you can see:

  • Related tasks;
  • Attached files;
  • Related expenses;
  • Related pre invoices;
  • Related invoices;
  • Change log.

    Creating related entries

In the freight review form you can create related entries. For example, select Tasks and click New task. 

Enter task details and save. Task will be available both in freight profile and in module Tasks.


In this section you can find files that were added when creating new freight. You can also add additional files:


Costs that are entered when creating new freight are automatically created as Expenses entry. This entry is shown both in freight section Expenses and in module Expenses.

Creating invoice and pre invoice

In freight review form, you can generate invoice or pre invoice:

Freight information and income details are automatically shown in invoice:

When entry is saved, it will be shown both in freight sections Invoice or Pre invoice and in Invoice and Pre invoice modules.

Editing and deleting

Editing and deleting options are available directly from freights list:

You can also select to edit or delete freight from its review form:

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