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Module Contracts is for managing contracts. The purpose of this module is the register of contracts. In this module, you can create contract documents using templates, and you can also assign files to contracts. Specify the contract expiration date and get a reminder about the upcoming contract expiration.

Contracts list

To see contracts list, choose module Contracts. View list according to type:

To find a specific contract, use Search or filters:

Creating new contract

Go to the list and click New contract:

Insert details, mandatory fields are marked *:

Select contract text template. Read how to create contract text templates. You can edit text in contact creation form.
Indicate when to send  expiration reminder.
You can generate contract document while reviewing contract:

Sending with sales documents

Check Allow to send with sales documents:

You can attach the contract by sending sales documents (invoices, advance/credit accounts and options):

Contract preview

To preview contract, go to the list and press on title

See all related information:

Creating related entries

To create a related entry, choose type, for example, Tasks, and select New task:

Describe task and save.
Task will be available both at contract profile and in Tasks module.
To create a related task, also use this button:

Editing and deleting

To edit or delete contracts, use Actions menu:

When reviewing contract, use these buttons for deleting or editing:

Contracts import

You can import a list of contracts into the Contracts module. Import is possible in csv, xlsx, xls formats. Click this button to import contracts:

Contract e-sign

In Hanna CRM system it is possible to sign a contract by e-mail signature:


First contact with a request to activate the contract e-mail signature function.


Next, provide telephone numbers for employees who will sign contracts. Select Setup - Staff:


You'll see a Contract signing tab next to the contract entry. Click Add signers and specify the employee(s) and client contact person who can sign the contract and select Save:


You can send email invitations to sign the contract by e-mail signature:


Customer or employee receiving an invitation email and clicking on the link will take you to the signing window.


System users can sign the contract in the system by pressing this button and entering the personal code. The contract is signed with a mobile or Smart ID signature:


When both the employee and the contact sign the contract, the document will be automatically updated and displayed in the system with an e-mail signatures.


If you edit the contract entry and data after signing, then the previously signed signatures are cleared and it is necessary to send the requests to sign the contract again.

Contract types and status settings are available here.

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