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Invoices module is for managing invoices.

Invoices list

Use module Invoices to see invoices list:

To find invoice, use Search or filters:

Creating new invoice

Choose invoices -> Create new invoice and enter details. Mandatory fields are marked *.

Add items – do not forget to mark blue tick.

Created invoice can be Saved as draft, Saved and sent or Saved.

Reviewing invoice

To review invoice, go to the list and click on invoice number. See invoice information: 

You can select Print invoice, View as PDF or Send to email: 

When invoice is paid, use Actions > Record payment and confirm details: 

Invoice status will be paid.

Creating related entries

To create a related entry, select review, then choose entry type, for example, Tasks, and select New Task.

Describe task and press Save.
Task will appear both in invoice card and in Tasks module.
To create a related task, also use this button:

Reverse VAT taxation

System has an option to create invoice with applied reverse VAT taxation:

In generated PDF document there will be a note Reverse VAT taxation is applied and amount in words will be written excluding VAT.

To mark this kind of invoice as paid, you only need to record payment without VAT amount.

Editing and deleting

To edit invoice, use menu Options

Also edit or delete invoice while reviewing: 

Button Actions also allows to send overdue notice, create credit note, copy invoice, change status. 

Settings for  deleting invoices are available here.

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