Finance - invoices settings

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Setup the system to custom your invoices. Find invoice settings in Setup -> Finance.

Tax rates

Include tax rates by choosing Setup -> Finance-> Tax rates. Tax rates are selected when indicating VAT:

To add more tax rates, choose Setup -> Finance-> Tax rates -> New tax.

Specify the details needed and click  Save.
To edit or delete tax rate, use Actions.


Currencies are used in Sales and Expenses modules:

To add more currencies, choose  Setup -> Finance -> Currencies -> New currency.

Specify the details needed and save.
Choose default currency:

Edit or delete currency using Actions.

Payment modes

When recording a payment, you must indicate the  payment method:

Go to Setup-> Finance-> Payment modes to create new payment method. Choose New payment method.

Enter details and save.

To edit mode, use Actions menu:

Payment modes can be deactivated.

VAT adaptation articles

VAT adaptation article can be selected when creating invoice:

Create VAT adaptation article entries by choosing  Setup -> Finance -> VAT adaptation articles -> New value.

Enter details and save.
To edit or delete value, use Actions menu:

Other settings

More settings are available on Setup -> Settings -> Finance. 

Go to Setup -> Settings -> Finance -> General and choose general settings to manage settings such as:

  •          Number padding zero's for prefix formats;
  •          VAT settings;
  •          Currency settings;
  •          Float symbol count in price;
  •          Amount in words settings.

In Setup -> Settings -> Finance -> Invoice manage settings such as:

  • Invoice number prefix and number;
  • Invoice due time;
  • Reviewing settings;
  • Deleting settings;
  • Invoice document settings.

In  Setup -> Settings -> Finance -> Credit notes manage settings such as:
  • Credit note prefix and number;
  • What is displayed in credit notes or documents.

In  Setup -> Settings -> Finance -> Pre invoices manage settings such as:

  • Pre invoice number prefix and number;
  • Deleting settings;
  • Due time;
  • Preview restrictions;
  • What is displayed in pre invoices and documents.

Setup -> Settings -> Finance -> KPO – indicate cash receipt settings.

How to create prefixes for pre invoices and invoices?

Prefix numbers can be created in Setup -> Settings -> Finance, then select Invoices or Pre invoices.

Enter number prefix - this value will not change .
Enter next invoice/pre invoice number - with every invoice this value adds up by 1 .
Click blue tick.
Choose default prefix number and click  Save.

Use these prefixes when creating new invoices.

Send new invoice to contact automatically

Hanna CRM system allows you to send new invoice to contact automatically, right after it has been saved. To enable this setting, choose Setup -> Settings -> Finance -> Invoice - Send new invoice to contact automatically. If you want to automate pre invoices too, select Setup -> Settings -> Finance -> Pre invoice - Send new estimate to contact/lead automatically

Do not show items with zero balance

If you want to hide items with zero balance, when creating sales documents, select   Setup -> Settings -> Finance -> General -> Show items only with balance in item select in sales forms

Discount limit

In sales documents, discount can be limited. Select   Setup -> Settings -> Finance ->  Invoice, Pre invoices or  Opportunities:
Scroll down and look for  Discount limit - limits are valid for all users who can create/edit sales documents, except for system administrators:

Additional image in sales documents

Pre invoices, Invoices and Opportunities can have additional image. Select Setup -> Settings -> Finance -> Invoice, Pre invoices or Opportunities

Scroll down and look for Additional image. Upload the image, select position and specify width:
The image will be displayed in sales document's PDF:

If you use both Discount limit and Pricing, in that case Pricing has the priority. For example: if Pricing rule has 20% discount and Discount limit is set to 10%, system will apply 20% discount, because Pricing is a priority.

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