Pre invoices

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Pre invoices module is for managing pre invoices. Create, send to client or convert it to invoice.

Pre invoices list

Select module Pre invoices to see pre invoices list:

Use Search or filters to find specific pre invoice/es.

Creating pre invoice

Select module Pre invoices and press Create new pre invoice:

Fill in the details. Select items or services, include them into pre invoice by clicking on the blue tick:
If you want to specify item price including VAT, check - Item price writen with VAT:
Press Save or Save and Send if you want to send pre invoice to your client.

Reviewing pre invoice

To review pre invoice, press on its number:

See all the information about pre invoice and select action to:
  • Record payment – status will change from unpaid to paid.
  • Convert to invoice – invoice will be created with the identical information.

Creating related entries 

To create a related entry, select p review, then choose entry type, for example, Tasks, and select New Task.

Describe task and press Save.
Task will appear both in pre invoice card and in Tasks module.
To create a related task, also use this button:

Editing and deleting

To edit pre invoice, use Actions menu: 

In preview window you can also edit or delete pre invoice: 

To change settings about deleting pre invoices, follow this article.

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