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Calendar displays tasks and other entries. It helps to preview your planned tasks, check your or your colleagues schedules.

Managing calendar

Go to calendar and select, if you want to see daily, weekly or monthly timetable:

In the right side at the top, you can switch to previous or next day/month/week. Press Today if you want to see the present.

Tasks and entries

Calendar depicts tasks and entries in different colors:

  • Planned tasks are colored according to types;
  • Completed tasks are always grey.

You can choose to see all tasks in calendar or see each user’s tasks separately.

You can use filters and select entry type and responsible user:

Creating task in calendar

There are two ways to create task in calendar:

  • Select date, time and press left button of the mouse two times ;
  • Select date, time and drag down the mouse.

Describe the task and save.

Reviewing task in calendar

To review task in calendar, press left mouse button two times on the task name and get task details:

Editing task in calendar

To edit task in calendar, choose to review and select Actions button:

Also, you can click on a task in calendar and drag it to another date or time.

Export calendar to PDF

With Hanna CRM you can export a calendar to PDF file. Click this button to export your calendar:

Hanna CRM calendar can be  synchronized with Google calendar

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