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Module Tasks is for managing your daily tasks.

Tasks list

In order to see tasks list, choose module  Tasks:

To find a specific task, use Search. To narrow down the list, use filters:

Creating new task

To create a task, go to the list, select New task and fill the details. Mandatory fields are marked *:

You can mark task Public, Billable or Repetitive:
Public task will be visible for all system users despite user permissions. All users will see this task in their calendars.
Billable task option should be used for project tasks which need to be included in project invoice.
Repetitive task option enables to create task that will automatically repeat itself by chosen period of time.

Enter task Subject.
Select task Responsible users and Followers. Responsible user is a task recipient. Follower is a user who is neither task creator nor recipient, but needs to be informed about task realization (status changes, new comments, etc.). Mark Create Separate Tasks if you would like to create separate identical task for each Responsible user.
Indicate Task type, Priority and Goal.

Indicate Start date, End date and Due date. Task is viewed in the calendar according to its start and due dates. Due date is task deadline. If task is not completed until its due date, it will become red.

Use field Related to to indicate entry, which task is related to.
You can attach files to task.
Indicate task estimated resources in field Estimate (for example, hours).
Write Tags or more detailed Description.
After describing task, press Save.
If task is related to a contact, lead or opportunity, you will see additional fields: Contact person, Send  To Email (contact person will receive task details to email), Place for meeting.

Task templates and sets

For frequently created tasks, use task templates and sets. Read the guide how to create task templates and sets.

To create a task by using task template or collection, select this button:

Reviewing task

Tasks are shown in a list or grouped according to  type:

To review task, press on its name:

You will see task details:


In order to edit task, use Actions menu:

Also, you can edit task while reviewing it – use  Actions button:

In order to change status, press on task status.  You can as well press blue button if task status is In progress, or green button if status is Completed.

Status can also be changed straight from the tasks list:


Task can have assignee or assignees. 

In order to change assignee or assignees, use Edit button or do it straight from the task:

Choose from the users list if you want to add assignee or use red cross to delete indicated assignee:


In order to see how much time was spent on a task, you can use timer. Press:


in order to stop timer, press:


You can leave timer on – the system will show that it is running and you can stop it any time:

In order to edit timesheet, use button  Timesheets:

Repetitive tasks

In order to create repetitive task, use field Repeat every while creating a new task:

Indicate when repetitive task should end by using field Ends on:

Ir order to stop a repetitive task, open a task and press on red cross:

Mass task

System has option to create mass task.

Select Customers;
Mark customers that will be related to a mass task;
Press button  Actions:

Click on Mass task:

Describe a task and press Save.
The identical task will be created for all chosen customers.


In order to delete task, press Delete icon:


Above tasks list you can select Switch to Kan ban:

If you choose Switch to kan ban, you will see all the tasks in kan ban board and be able to analyse how many tasks have which status. Entries are interactive and tasks can be dragged to a different status.

You can filter tasks by assigned member, task type, start date or week number.

If you filter tasks by week, not only you will see tasks of the chosen week, but also you will see forgotten tasks - the ones that have been planned earlier and still are not complete.

In kan ban you can see task title, date and due date, task type, responsible users and related entry. 

Tasks in kan ban can be moved and arranged according to priority - that way, employee can filter his tasks and see the most important ones on the top of the board.

Set the computer mouse on the task status - you will see each status statistics according to estimated resources for each task type (value comes from task field Estimate).


Materials can be assigned to a task:

Choose New material, enter material, suggested amount and warehouse.

If you select Write off items after task is done, when task status is changed to Completed, selected materials balance in warehouse will automatically decrease.


Select Setup> Staff> Edit user> Salary.
Enter user hour rate salary:


When user has completed a task and entered time in Timesheets, the system will automatically count user earnings:

Task related to lead

When task, related to lead, is marked Complete, you will see additional options:

  • Prepare proposal - this option enables to create a proposal, related to lead, straight from the completed task.
  • Mark Not interested - press this button if you want to change lead status to Useless or Lost. Also, enter losing reason.

Link to video conference

When creating a new task, you must select Contact and check the box next to Create video conference:

You can access the conference from the task view form by clicking the Join Video Conference button:

The customer will receive an email with a video chat link and an invitation to add the event to calendar.

Fields Goal and Task type settings are available here.

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