Automated actions in the Leads module

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Automatic task when changing leads status

The system will generate an automatic task when the lead status is changed. Firstly, you need to create a task template, read the instructions for it here.

Select Setup - Leads - Statuses - New record or edit the already existing records:

Select the task template and save changes:

When changing the lead status:

In the lead's contact card, you will see an automatically generated task based on your task template:

Automatic opportunity assignment to the lead

When creating a new lead, you can enable the option to create an automatic sales opportunity for the lead. Select Setup - Settings - Leads:

At the bottom at the page, you will find an option Automatically create opportunity for new lead - select yes and save changes:

When the setting is enabled, every time you will create a new lead, the system will automatically create an opportunity in the lead's contact card:

Automatic status change for the lead

The leads statuses can be automatically changed when generated a new sales opportunity, sent an email, received a call, etc.

Select Setup - Settings - Leads:

At the bottom of the page, you will see an option to Lock leads statuses - select Yes and save changes:

The leads status will automatically change to:

  • Contacted - if you have sent emails to the lead or had a phone call - if you have an email and call synchronisation set up.
  • Proposal - when you have a sales opportunity assigned to the lead.
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