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Dashboard lets you see statistics of the data you have in the system. Here you will find the most relevant information - Calendar, Tasks, graphs and summaries.

Dashboard Options

Click Dashboard options to select which statistics you want to see in the dashboard and manage the order.

Quick statistics

In Quick statistics you can check:
  • Number of overdue Tasks.
  • Number of delayed Projects.
  • Number of overdue Invoices.
  • Number of converted Leads.

Use User widget, to see all your Tasks, Projects, Reminders, Requests, and Notifications:
  • Tasks assigned to you.
  • Projects.
  • Reminders.
  • Tickets.
  • Notifications.

You can use Search box to find the relevant record, Table settings button to select visible data columns and Export button to export the records in excel, CSV or PDF formats.

My To Do Items

In My To Do Items, create important or even personal tasks (other employees won't see the list of tasks you've created).

Click the Plus button to add new tasks. Click Edit and Delete to perform actions on tasks created:

Monthly goals

You can follow your Monthly goals right in the Dashboard:

If you have several goals, you can check them together:


In Calendar you will find all your Tasks. You can choose different previews: Day, Week or Month:

You can simply create Tasks by double-clicking on the date you need.

Opportunities forecast

The Opportunities forecast consists of existing Opportunities (commercial offers). The table shows the value of Opportunities according to the stage of the Opportunity and the probability of sale:

Financial review

In the  Financial  overview, you can monitor the information of invoices and prepaid  invoices by their statuses. In the overview you will see:
  • Customer debt.
  • Overdue payments.
  • Payments received.


 In the Call manager, track incoming, outgoing and missed calls:

Choose preview button:

to create records related to a call or leave comments:

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