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The purpose of the Reports module is data analysis. You can create Financial, Users Activity or Other reports. You can export report data from the system.

Report review

In the reports, you can generate your own or your employees' report templates, you will see the generated reports marked in gray text, and filter out the data using filters:

The report will allow you to generate pie, line and bar charts based on the most relevant data for you: 

Immediately after the diagram, you will see a summary of the entire preparation, and with the help of additional options, you can adjust the display of the report:

  • Search field will help you find records faster;
  • Filter button will help you filter information or hide filters;
  • Chart button will show/hide the chart in the report;
  • Summary button will help you show/hide the display;
  • Table button will show/hide the data list;
  • Bookmarks button will allow you to view report bookmarks or create them;
  • Export button will allow you to export the data displayed in the report.

Creating and editing a bookmark

  1. To create a report bookmark, select the button - New bookmark:

  1. In the bookmark, specify the title, mark if you want the generated report to be used as default, and whether the report should be visible to other users:

    1. In the creation form, you will see four main sections:
    • Filters - specify which filters should display the filtered information.
    • Columns - choose which columns you want to see.
    • Summary - specify which data you want to see in the overview summary.
    • Chart - choose which chart should be displayed.

  1. Check which filters should be used in the report and select their visibility:

  1. You can rearrange the columns for your convenience, and in the bottom row, you can specify the amounts:

  1. In the Summary tab, you can also arrange the display according to your convenience and mark what information you want to see:

  1. Save the generated report bookmark. In the report preview, you will see the name of your template and the selected filters:

  1. After making corrections in the filter, the system will display an additional button to save the report template:

  1. In order to make detailed adjustments to the report view, select the preparation button and hover the mouse cursor over the desired report. The system will display a pencil icon, indicating that you have created the preparation and can modify it:

  1. You can see reports from other users (if the user gives permission):

however, you cannot edit them. 

  1. To export the report, select the export button and choose the desired format:

Copying a bookmark

  1. Choose the bookmark view and select the option - Copy this bookmark:

  1. Rename bookmark, the system will not allow saving the form with the same name. Save the changes:

Deleting a bookmark

  1. To delete an unnecessary report, select the editing button for the preparation:

  1. In the modal window, select the delete button in the bottom right corner:

The bookmark can only be deleted by its creator.

Types of bookmarks

  1. Choose the type of chart - Line and specify the legend, its position, line type, labels, and axis:

Line chart visualization:

  1. Choose the type of chart - Bar and specify legend, its position, stack type, horizontal, labels, axis and grouping:

Vertical column chart representation:

Representation of horizontal bar charts:

  1. Choose the type of chart - Pie and specify the legend, its position, labels, column, and grouping:

Visualization of scatter plots:

  1. You can download bar and line charts in SVG, PNG, and CSV formats:

Memorized bookmarks

You can memorize report drabookmarks.

  1. Choose the editing of the report of interest:

  1. Ruošinio formoje pasirinkite žvaigždutės ikonėlę ir išsaugokite pakeitimus:

  1. Then in the Favorite bookmarks you will see your saved reports:

Data export

In the reporting system, you can export data in PDF, CSV, and Excel formats:

  1. Current page will export only the data that you see on one page:

  1. All pages will export all the data that is in the report:

2.2 Choose the desired format (PDF, CSV, or Excel), then the system will display a message at the top of the screen:

2.3 You will be able to download the generated file from the general Review of the Reports module:

2.4 The generated file will be automatically removed the next day.

How to create a report in another currency?

  1. Choose the form for creating or editing a report in the Invoice Report:

  1. In the Filters tab, select Currency and save the changes:

  1. Then the system will display the report in your chosen currency:

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