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Support module is for managing customers inquiries and tickets.

Tickets list

To see tickets list, use module  Support.

To find a specific ticket, use Search or filters:

Creating new ticket

Choose New ticket:

Insert details, indicate department:

Save information.

Reviewing ticket

To review ticket, go to the list and press on ticket  number:

See all the details related to ticket:

Add response that will be sent to a customer:

Insert notes for internal communication among employees, see related tickets, tasks and attached files.

Creating related entries

To create a related entry, choose type, for example,  Tasks, and select New task:

Describe task and save.
Task will be available both in ticket profile and in Tasks module.
To create related task, also use this button:

Ticket replies as well can be converted to a task:

Editing and deleting

To edit or delete ticket, use Actions menu:

Another way to edit ticket is to review and choose  Settings

Update ticket  status:

Automatic tickets

System allows to automatically create tickets that were received as email to a certain mailbox.

Choose Setup -> Support -> Departments. Indicate at least one Department email and fill in mail server settings.

Inquiries, received to this email, will automatically create as tickets. Automatic tickets will be created only from unread emails.
All the users that belong to this department will be notified about new tickets.

Customer will receive automatic response that his inquiry was received.
Responses sent to customer will be shown sent from the from the department’s email address.
If ticket status was changed to Closed, customer will receive email notification.

Assigning support tickets to a contact by contact mailbox domain

In Hanna CRM system you can automatically assign tickets based on a contact’s mailbox domain. The domain must be unique, the system will not allow you to save the domain if it can be assigned to multiple contacts. Select the desired contact Actions - Edit - Settings - Email scan domain:

Automatic Follower assignment when converting Ticket to a Task

Automatic Follower assignment when converting Ticket to a Task. To convert a Ticket to a Task, select Support > select the one you want from the existing queries > press Edit > Reply > click Convert to Task > and click Save.

Automatically set the Task Critical Date when converting a Ticket to a Task

To set an automatic task critical date setting, go to Support > select the required one from the existing queries > press Edit > Settings > click on Incident solution deadline > select a term > Save. To convert this Ticket to a Task, go back to Reply > press the Convert To Task button> and press Save.

Automatic setting of the Incident solution deadline based on the Ticket Priority

In Hanna CRM, you can use the automatic Incident solution deadline setting based on the Ticket Priority. The purpose of this setting is that if you enter a ticket resolution term next to the priority in the settings, then when you create a new ticket - after selecting a priority, the resolution term is filled in automatically according to what you entered in the priority settings. To set a time limit for completing the ticket, press Ticket > New request > Incident solution deadline > Save.

Search responsible person function

In the ticket creation and editing form now you can  search function by assigning a responsible person:

Ability to change the email address of the Ticket

In Hanna CRM, you can use the option to adjust the email address of the request recipient. You can do this by entering the desired e-mail address in the Email address section and clicking Save:


Add priority field with new field React time to incidents (h)

Adding priority settings React time to incidents(h). This field can be seen by going to System Setup > Ticket Priority > New Priority > React time to incidents(h).

Predefined replies, Departments and Statuses settings are available here.

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