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Objects module helps managing objects. Object is sale result, provided to a customer. This module is adapted to implement the processes in the after-sales. You can specify a warranty period for objects, you can associate them with requests, contracts, projects.

Objects list

To see objects list, use module Objects. See full list or select type:

To find a specific object, use Search or filters:

Creating new object

Press New object:

Enter details. Mandatory fields are marked *:


Reviewing object

To review object, go to the list and press on object name:

See all the information about the object. On the upper menu you can select to view related tasks, timesheets, files, Gantt view, tickets, sales, notes, contracts and change log.

Creating related entries

To create a related entry to object, select type, for example, Tasks, and click New task:

Describe task and save.
Task will be visible in object card and in Tasks module.
To create related task, also use this button:

Editing and deleting

To edit or delete object, use Actions:

Also, choose to review and select button  Actions:

Adjusting the object columns

In the object module, there is an option to rearrange the order of the columns. Select the Table options icon:

You can move columns up / down by selecting the marked icon in the table. In the Visibility row, you can select the visibility of an existing column in the Objects module:

Objects import

There is a possibility to import objects to Hanna CRM system from csv, xlsx, xls format files. Select Objects module and press Import button:

Add file and press Parse import file:

Map system fields with information in your file. Press Import:

New entries will be created from the information in your file.

Objects images import

You can import images in Objects module. Make sure that the file name is identical to object serial number. Press this button in order to import files:

Object Type and Status settings are available here.

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