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Module Projects is for managing projects.

Projects list

To see ongoing projects list, select module Projects

In  Tasks column you can check comparison of completed tasks with total tasks.

To find specific project or projects, use Search or filters.

Creating new project

Go to the projects list and click New Project.
Enter the information, mandatory fields are marked *:

Press Save.

Billing type

When creating a project, mark billing type. There are three options:

  •          Fixed rate – enter fixed amount.
  •          Project hours – enter hourly rate, the system will automatically multiply project hourly rate with task hours.
  •          Task hours – system will multiply task hourly rate with task hours.

Project review

To review project, press on a project name. On the upper menu, select what information you would like to see:

Project can be related to:

  •          Task;
  •          Object;
  •          Ticket;
  •          Contract;
  •          Invoice.

Creating related entries

To create a related entry, select review, then choose entry type, for example, Tasks, and select New Task.

Describe task and press Save.
Task will appear both in project card and in Tasks module.


Use timesheets to measure time, spent on the project. 

Select Timesheet and enter details:

Review entered timesheets

The time entered in timesheets will be as well shown in task card.


Create milestones for the project:

Choose Milestones and select New Milestone:

Enter details:

Press Save.
Tasks, created for a project, can now be grouped to milestones.

Gantt view

System has option to analyse each project  Gantt view

Analyse project timetable and choose hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly schedule. You can as well use filters for a diagram. 

Moreover, you can choose to see all projects Gantt view - select Show Gantt.

Editing or deleting

To edit or delete project, use Actions:

When reviewing project, choose Actions

Actions button allows to:

  •          Pin project to the left side menu:

  •          Edit project;
  •          Copy project;
  •          Change status;
  •          Export data;
  •          View as a customer;
  •          Delete project.

Invoice project

System provides option to invoice project:

Click Invoice project:

Select description type;
Mark tasks that has to be included;
Confirm by clicking Invoice project.

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