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Module  Contacts effectively helps managing your clients, suppliers or partners. Create a Contact profile and track all information related to them. Contact accounts have all the information in one place, you can check the records related to your client, supplier or partner: e-mails, planned tasks, invoices, contracts and more.

Contacts list

Choose module Contacts to see clients list:

Use Search field to find a specific contact, by typing in your client's name or a keyword.

Use filters to narrow the results:

Creating new contact

In Contacts select New contact;
Fill in the information. Mandatory fields are marked * symbol:


Select client type: if the person is Legal - enter company name and company code, if the client is Individual - enter name and personal code.

You can enter company name or company code and select this button to upload customer information from

After entering details, select Save to create contact  or Save and create contact in case you would like to assign contact person right.
After saving, you will see Contact profile.

Reviewing contact

To preview the contact, click on contact title:

You will see contact profile and related information:

Contact profile

In contact profile you can enter:

  • Contact profile details;
  • Contact persons;
  • Billing and Shipping addresses;
  • Related contacts;
  • Subdivisions;
  • Responsible users;
  • Settings.

You can also check all the entries related to a contact:

Related Contacts

You can link contacts to each other, so you can understand the relationships between your customers or partners  more easily. When specifying related contacts, you can refine the relationships between them by adding a relation type. Linking is possible for both Legal and Physical persons.

Creating related entries

You can create related records straight from contact profile. For example, choose to review, then select Tasks and click New Task.

Describe task and save. You will be able to see this task both in account profile and in Tasks module.

To create a related task, you can also use this button:

Editing and deleting

In order to edit or delete contact, use Options menu on the right side.

Also, you can open contact  preview and select Actions.

QR code of the contact

To create a new contact on your phone, hover over the QR code icon in the right corner:

After the QR code appears on the screen, scan it and a contact will be automatically created on your phone.

Merge contacts into one

Select the contacts you want to merge into one and click on Actions button:

Click on the  Merge button and select which contact is the main entry:

The main contact keeps all the data and blank fields, if there are any, are filled with merged contact information.

Contact persons

When creating a contact, you can choose to assign the contact person right away:

In order to preview contact persons, select Contact persons in Contacts list:

Or check it right in the contact prieview:

Create relation

To assign contact person to another customer, select contact person and click on Edit button. Select contact to which you would like to assign a contact person and press Save:

Check desired companies, save the changes and the contact person will be displayed next to all the selected companies:

Bulk Actions

For several contacts at once you can change: Contact category, Contact type, Responsible persons and Price level group.
Select the desired contacts and click the Mass action button:

On the right side, you will see a list of options:

Select the actions you want to perform and Confirm your choice:

Contact map

To see contacts on the map, select  Contacts > Map:

To filter contacts on the map, click the filter button:

Importing contacts

Only System admins can import contacts to Hanna CRM. Click the Import button and select what you want to import:

Choose file:

Map values and press  Import:

Selecting " Create duplicate entries with info description" will create duplicate contacts if there are any.
Selecting " Update existing entries if information is duplicate" will update existing contacts in the system.
If no check box is selected, duplicates with the same email, company code or phone number will not be imported.

Add column "Juridical" to specify if contact is Juridical or Physical. If the imported contact is  Juridical, enter the number "1" and "0" if the contact is Physical. In Hanna, link the data to the "Contact - Legal" field:

Contact group, Contact type and Activities settings are available here.

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