Users management

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Follow these steps to create system logins for new users or provide them permissions. 

Creating new user

On the left side menu choose Setup;

Then choose  Staff;

You will see a list of system users:

In order to create a new user, press New Record;
Fill in the information;
Press Save;
New user will receive invitation to join system to an indicated email address. Also, there will be a link to create password.


In order to set user role and grant permissions to reach information in the system, follow these steps:

Choose Setup on the left side menu;
Select Staff in order to see a list of users;
Choose staff member and select  Edit button:

Then choose Permissions;
Identify what user will be able to see either by assigning a role or check permissions for each module separately:

Assign which organization entries user can view:

After making changes, press Save.

Sending a password to a user

If you create a new user in the system or if the user forgot their password, you can send it via the users profile by selecting the Actions button and clicking on Send password reset link:

Not system user

This option is intended to describe the employees of the company, but not to create system logins for them. However, this user will not be able to see any information in the system as he will not have a login. The account for Not system user is free of charge.

If you want to assign this user to system entries, check the option can be asignee. You will see these users in the list when picking a responsible person for system entries.

System user deactivation

If you want to deactivate system user, select button Active:

When deactivated, user will appear in Inactive section and licence fee for this account will not be applied:

System user deletion

If you want to delete system user, select deletion button:

System will display a table, where you should indicate a user, who will be assigned to all system entries of deleted user:

System will recalculate the number of active licenses after user is deleted or checked as inactive. 

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