Integration with Twilio SMS

Hanna CRM system is integrated with Twilio SMS. With this integration, after assigning a status to a Lead, he will be automatically sent an SMS message with a text template. Of course, to enable integration, you first need a Twilio account.

How Twilio SMS integration works with Hanna CRM?

First, you need to create SMS template. Select  Setup > SMS > SMS templates and choose  New Record.

Enter the name of the template and the text of the SMS message. Select the Is active button and press  Submit.

Select  Setup > SMS > SMS settings. Press  New record.

Specify the Lead status and source and insert how many hours the system should send an SMS after assigning this status to this lead. Assign SMS template text press check on Is active button.


If you change the status of a lead to whom the source specified in the settings is assigned, a template SMS will be sent to him after the specified number of hours.

All sent messages you can see  Setup > SMS > SMS messages:

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