System box settings

System email box enables to send system emails for system users. In order to configure system box, take these steps:

On the left side menu choose Setup;
Select Settings;
Click  Email on the menu that appeared;

First of all, in the tab System box settings, select if you want to use system email box ( or your company email address.


If you chose to use system email box, you can specify an e-mail address to which the reply will be sent:


You can also create a signature, header and footer for the letter. Save the data entered.


If you choose to use the company email address, specify email address and save your selection:


Below you will see the settings you need to send to your email domain administrator.


Once the administrator verifies the settings and all selections are Verified, the email box will be connected.


Choose whether you want to use the employee's e-mail address and signature:

In order to check if information was entered correctly, in  System box settings use field Test at the bottom. Enter your email address and press Test. If the details are right, you will get a confirmation letter to provided email address.

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